The Dyslexia Project Creating Pathways to Success and Dyslexia-Friendly Communities Santa Barbara and Beyond

Cheri Rae
Cheri Rae
For nearly a decade, Cheri Rae has focused on dyslexia, personally and professionally. As so many dyslexia advocates, she has a smart son with dyslexia who was identified with the confusing label of “Specific...
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Welcome to The Dyslexia Project

Director of The Dyslexia Project, Cheri Rae, shares information and insights about programs and parenting, research and legislation, advocacy and networking opportunities to create dyslexia success

Dyslexia 101

Understanding dyslexia is essential for successful outcomes: information about characteristics, early identification, assessment, interventions and appropriate teaching methods that every parent—and educator—should know


Individuals with dyslexia—who think different—require effective advocates to achieve academic success. Learn effective techniques to achieve successful outcomes in the classroom and beyond.


Individuals with dyslexia who have achieved great success serve as brilliant role models for others to follow. Creative geniuses in art, sports, science, engineering, literature, design and more set a powerful example. Find them here.

Santa Barbara

The prototype for a dyslexia-friendly community, with innovative thinkers in the areas of education, business, politics, philanthropy and parenting will connect and lead the way for other communities to follow.


Dyslexia means a different way of thinking—and a different way of teaching is most effective. Find information about organizations, educators and schools that offer opportunities for the greatest success.


Years in development, The Dyslexia Project immediately won recognition and praise in the press—when it was established in 2011—for making connections within the community to create a pathway for dyslexia success. Read articles here.


Changing the discussion from “struggling with dyslexia” or “suffers from dyslexia” to “successful because of dyslexia.” Become empowered with information ranging from cutting-edge research about dyslexia to memorable fictional characters.