The Dyslexia Project

The Dyslexia Project was founded in 2011 to provide assistance to individuals with dyslexia and low literacy levels, and for those who support them. Although 1 in 5 individuals have dyslexia, little is known about it in our schools and in our community. This lack of knowledge leads to the loss of opportunity and inability to reach full potential for far too many of our children.

We have presented to, and partnered, with several organizations, including educators, school districts, public libraries, service, youth and healthcare organizations, and multiple nonprofits to address the pressing need to improve literacy levels. Our successful and innovative efforts combine creativity and expertise, and have assisted in raising awareness and benefited hundreds of children and their families.

Recent experience magnified by Covid-19, which has caused great upheavals in education and outreach, has refocused our efforts to provide resources and information to those who need it now more than ever.