Donate to The Dyslexia Project

Our culture depends on the ability to read, write and spell in order to fully participate. But low literacy due to dyslexia or instructional issues is a huge issue in our community and all across this land. It affects the struggling second-grader who claims a stomach-ache to get out of school; the humiliated high-schooler who decides to drop-out; the bright but under-employed parent who has hit a dead-end in an entry-level job with no hope of advancement without better reading skills. All are experiencing the shame and economic consequences of low literacy through no fault of their own.

Your donation can help address these realities in our community and change the lives of individuals who want to learn to read but have not been taught properly. Your generous gift will help raise awareness and spur action to guarantee that individuals with low literacy skills receive appropriate instruction and the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Community outreach, parent education, tutoring scholarships, and mentoring sessions for skill-building are all a part of the plan, awaiting your support.

Change a life, change the direction of a generation by making a donation today. We thank you for your generosity.