Cheri Rae, Dyslexia Project Founder

Cheri Rae, Director, The Dyslexia Project

Cheri Rae first tackled the issue of dyslexia 10 years ago when compelled to learn how to advocate for her son. An award-winning newspaper columnist and magazine editor, Cheri began sharing stories about the challenges faced by kids with dyslexia in newspapers and online.

After an article she wrote about dyslexia “went viral” and parents from across North America requested her help, Cheri took action and founded The Dyslexia Project to advocate for kids (and adults) with dyslexia. Her work includes presentations about dyslexia to schoolchildren, meeting one-on-one with parents, and speaking to parents groups.

In an effort to help parents learn about dyslexia and empower them to advocate strongly for their children, Cheri wrote DyslexiaLand: A Field Guide for Parents of Children with Dyslexia. Published in 2018, the book has helped thousands of families and is becoming the go-to book in its field.

While serving as a consultant with the Santa Barbara Unified School District, Cheri established a Parent Resource Center, monthly “Dyslexia Dialogues,” and a Distinguished Dyslexic Speaker Series.” Cheri was named a “Local Hero” by the Santa Barbara Independent for her efforts on behalf of students with dyslexia, and awarded a Resolution from the California State Assembly for her dyslexia.

As director of The Dyslexia Project, Cheri continues to work with parents one and one while overseeing the nonprofit’s signature programs.