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Understanding dyslexia is essential for successful outcomes: information about characteristics, early identification, assessment, interventions and appropriate teaching methods that every parent—and educator—should know


Dyslexia in LIFE

Dyslexia in LIFE Magazine: A cover story from 1972 NOTE: I found this issue of LIFE Magazine in the stack of the important issues my mother-in-law saved. She had been a third-grade teacher, and...


Famous People with Dyslexia

Famous People with Dyslexia: A Partial List of Accomplished, Creative, Innovative, Smart, Strong, Brave People who have Changed the World Because they Think Outside the Box Actors and Entertainers. Jennifer Aniston. Cher. Jewel. Usher....


Signs of Dyslexia in Children

There are many signs of dyslexia, but most people don’t actually recognize them. And with 1 in 5 individuals affected by dyslexia, plenty more people need to know how to recognize the idicators. If...


Reading and Dyslexia

Reading and dyslexia, like cats and dogs, have what you could say, an uneasy relationship. “Mom, if that story is so great, why is it stuck in a book?” Doesn’t get much more direct...


Dyslexia One in Five

One in Five. That’s how common dyslexia is, according to all the latest research. The formidable organization, Learning Ally (formerly known as Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic) has a wonderful new campaign called...


Successful with Dyslexia

At the beginning, many students and their parents can’t imagine being successful with dyslexia. Reading was such a pleasure when my son was just a little boy, back in the days when I read...