The Dyslexia Project

Our Re-Definition of Dyslexia

We are not impressed with the commonly accepted “definition” of dyslexia that emphasizes challenges and omits strengths. We came up with our own, strength-based “definition,” modeled on the negative one, that provides some much-needed reminders of how to support our dyslexic learners. Try this on for a change:

“Dyslexia is a specific learning ability, neurobiological in origin. It is typically characterized by strengths that may include creative expression, athletic performance and scientific discovery. The individual with dyslexia often exhibits strengths in big-picture concepts, thinking outside the box, making unexpected connections and demonstrates and intuitive sense of understanding of people and navigating the natural world. Secondary strengths include a unique learning style that may be visual, auditory, or kinesthetic, the ability to demonstrate knowledge other than with the written word, and a canny sense of entrepreneurialism that may lead to great innovations and financial success.”

~ Cheri Rae, DyslexiaLand: A Field Guide for Parents of Children with Dyslexia

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