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Director of The Dyslexia Project, Cheri Rae, shares information and insights about programs and parenting, research and legislation, advocacy and networking opportunities to create dyslexia success.


Dyslexia Project Testimonials

Dyslexia Project Testimonials and praise has come in many forms and in several media. But really, the most meaningful testaments to our effectiveness come from the thank-yous from students with dyslexia (and their parents)....


Successful with Dyslexia

At the beginning, many students and their parents can’t imagine being successful with dyslexia. Reading was such a pleasure when my son was just a little boy, back in the days when I read...


Dyslexia 101 as easy as ABC Dyslexia

It’s time for some lessons in Dyslexia 101 as easy as ABC Dyslexia. Every school year seems to pass more quickly that the last one. By mid-January, it is more than half over; the...