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Years in development, The Dyslexia Project immediately won recognition and praise in the press—when it was established in 2011—for making connections within the community to create a pathway for dyslexia success. Read articles here.


Dyslexia Project Testimonials

Dyslexia Project Testimonials and praise has come in many forms and in several media. But really, the most meaningful testaments to our effectiveness come from the thank-yous from students with dyslexia (and their parents)....


The Dyslexia Project

 The Dyslexia Project provides awareness, resources and support for the 1 in 5 with dyslexia in Santa Barbara and beyond. Founded in 2011, The Dyslexia Project has accomplished much in its short history with...


Cheri Rae

For nearly a decade, Cheri Rae has focused on dyslexia, personally and professionally. As so many dyslexia advocates, she has a smart son with dyslexia who was identified with the confusing label of “Specific...