Category: Inspiration

Individuals with dyslexia who have achieved great success serve as brilliant role models for others to follow. Creative geniuses in art, sports, science, engineering, literature, design and more set a powerful example. Find them here.


Dyslexia Role Model Bella Thorne

Whenever I visit a classroom to speak about dyslexia for our school district’s (dis)Ability Awareness Days, I ask the 3rd and 4th graders, “Who has ever heard about dyslexia?” Virtually every hand zooms up...


Dyslexia Role Model John Rodrigues

When John Rodrigues speaks, people listen. Author/artist/teacher/world traveler/all-around nice guy and dyslexia role model John Rodrigues visited Santa Barbara in March, 2015 to share his story about focusing on his strengths and flourishing with...


Famous people with Dyslexia

Research proves that 1 in 5 people have dyslexia so it’s not surprising that there are so many best famous people with dyslexia. But what’s so interesting about that 20 percent of the population...


Dyslexia Art Show by Cheri Rae

The Dyslexia Art created by Cheri was featured  on the Santa Barbara online news site, Noozhawk:. “Advocate Cheri Rae Uses Art Show to Illustrate Creativity, Accomplishments of People with Dyslexia,” by Lara Cooper, Noozhawk...


The Perfect Plate

It was a Mother’s Day gift, carefully drawn and lovingly presented by my little boy. It was not easy for him to draw or write: he was always much more comfortable racing around on...